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December 1, 2008

The Temptation to Stop

I’m sick. I’m very sick.

I have lost my voice, I feel like death warmed up, and worst of all – I have to complete an assignment I came here to do. A training course for 30 people; so I need my voice!

This is one of the million tiny quiet battles we face everyday.

Turning up, especially on days like today, is hard, very hard. It is tempting to stop. To not do what I know I have to, to just lie in bed and feel sorry for myself.

But decisions have consequences. Progress will falter, the delegates in my course will lose valuable learning time, and the clients will have to reschedule a large part of their project. There could even be contractual issues.

I have to be here, just like you do.

You can’t stop. You must push forward, no matter what is holding you back, no matter how much you don’t want to take the next step. Change course, change gears, take a step back for a step forward - whatever; but keep going.

If you don’t keep moving forward, at all times, you stay where you are.

If I can do this, which is killing me, then you can finish that chapter. You can make that call or send that email. You can complete that report and you can face the music for that disaster.

Life goes on, the sun still rises and this too shall pass. And we will be better off because of it.

Keep moving.