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December 22, 2008

Looking for a Freelance Column

I am looking to write a regular column, either weekly or infrequently as required, in areas related to consulting marketing, technology and business generally.

Right now I write one for a publication related to equipment maintenance  and reliability, and this blog is a good reference point for articles on business related  themes.

As a consultant I have authored three books on engineering. I have worked in over 30 countries, the majority of business sectors, and I have previously built and sold a marketing company in Latin America.

At present my writing is focused on this blog, my column, my third and last engineering book and a crowd-sourced book writing project for marketing and consulting professionals.

I am not in this for charity, I have done enough of that. I want to write a freelance column for a serious publication on serious issues. A column by somebody who is plugged into the global economy, and who has helped many companies and individuals to dramatically change their fortunes.

If you can help me, or if you there is anybody that I might be able to speak to then please let me know. (Email)