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December 22, 2008

Favorite posts of 2008

Here are ten of my favorite posts on this blog for 2008. I have really enjoyed this year and the blog has really grown in terms of readership.

These posts seemed to either attract a lot of attention, or they stirred up a lot of argument, or they were posts that I really enjoyed writing.

If you are new here then I hope this is shows some of the value that we have been producing here.

1) Extraordinary Consulting . My favorite series of posts of all time. I started out by contacting Seth Godin, then Alan Weiss, and then – one by one, a range of additional business heroes that I have had over the years.

The surprise – they all did it! They all took time out of their day to help give some advice to the consultant readers of this blog. It was a fantastic experience. (Here )

2) What next for Newspapers?  The news is filled with stories of how the newspaper industry is rapidly going down the toilet. Within 5 years they may not even be any daily newspapers left in the US.

This post focused on the flip side of this. The fact that, as a trusted news source Newspapers were squandering a phenomenal opportunity to increase their readership, increase their revenues, and to increase their ability to influence events.

But – it is going to take a dramatic change of their business models. (Here )

3) 10 Presentation Tips . I tried to put together ten of the most common tips that I give people in my mentoring courses.

The result was impressive. People started adding their own tips. Now we are in excess of 25 – 30 tips on how to deliver powerful presentations.

This is what social media is all about! (Here )

4) SEO is a Fools Errand.  I still cannot believe some of the venom this post stirred up. Some ex-SEO consultants agreed with it, some current SEO consultants didn’t and there were all sorts of unsubstantiated claims made on both sides.

A fascinating study in how to annoy people. (Here )

5) Trust Metrics . A very short piece on how to measure the impact of trust on your brand and on your revenues. I wish it caught more peoples attention; I really liked it. (Here )

6) On Winning . A few months ago I really became fascinated by the theme of winning. Some of the early things I have discovered have really made me ask more questions.

Winning is dramatically important. it means a difference of at least 2 times revenue, and often more. In fact, if you aren’t striving to win – then you should leave the field.

A fascinating theme. (Here )

7) The Resistance of the Old . A post on why GM didn’t develop the Prius, and why many older and more established companies are not well equipped to deal with the rate of change today. (Here )