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December 27, 2008

Hurt now or hurt later - You choose

Tough decisions are hard to make. Do we hurt now, or do we hurt later?

It seems easy to do, yet we regularly skip the opportunity and suffer the consequences.

The Petroleum industry decided to try to ramp up refining capacity once we were already well into a boom cycle. The mining conglomerates around the world tried to expand once their "super cycle" was well under way.

Much of the newspaper industry has left it until the last moment to explore new forms of information distribution. Major ERP vendors waited until the last minute to join the SaaS craze, entering as underdogs instead of market leaders.

The consultancy had 12 months of a boom contract to get more work and productize their services...

...and now it's too late. The opportunity has vanished, the cash flow has dried up or the competition has taken the initiative.

Hurt now, or hurt later. Hard work now, or no work later. Nothing lasts forever, recognize when you are faced with these decisions, and make your choice.