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November 30, 2008

The growth of trust based marketing

As time goes on people are becoming more and more cynical about marketing and attempts to sell them something. In fact, calls to action are increasingly failing.

Why? Because its insincere.

It annoys me when I get a "Thanks for following me" direct mail on Twitter and there is a free "gift" with it.

Insincere, inauthentic, and obvious. Interested in me? Not too much. Interested in my cash? Yup...

Calls to action are faltering because we increasingly get advised to do things, in particular commercial things, by trusted sources.

Have you ever seen a TV or Newspaper ad for Google, Seth Godin, Alan Weiss,, LinkedIn, Blogger, Feedburner, Gmail, monitter, Twitter, Aweber, Zoho, Google Docs, YouTube or DailyMotion?

No you haven't. At least I haven't.

Yet they dominate every day of my life in some form or other. Why? because somewhere along the line, somehow, a source that I trusted told me about them.

I don't buy from Amazon reminders, I buy what others recommend me to buy.

This is what I have been talking about for a while now. Don't try to be where they are, try to be what they are looking for.

And when they find you be extra-ordinary!