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October 12, 2008

Why buy my company?

If you are thinking of cashing out then the downturn is a good time to either make a move, or to start building real value into your consultancy. The financial sector is easily the largest of the consulting sectors. And big players will be looking to diversify out of there and into profitable niche markets. (Among other things)

During my time with a significant player in the consulting industry I was very surprised at the attitude towards acquisitions. These companies are always looking for small companies sold at a good value that will enable them to leverage their current portfolio of products, services and clients.

So if you want to try to sell your firm in todays market, or if you want to prepare to catch the upturn when it eventually comes, then here are a few things you should be thinking about.

Consultancies are purchased for a range of reasons, but here are a few common ones that you can emphasize in your discussions.

I have expanded this list from one sent to me by Mr Paul Collins. Paul is a consultant in hope and wealth. After selling his own company for an 8 digit figure, he has started a company called Equiteq , which helps consultants to build value into their own companies for sale. I like meeting and working with people like this. Their experience just drips from them.

  • The Brand and the personnel to hold and maintain boardroom access into important clients.
  • Products and services that compliment their own and will allow them to increase revenues from existing clients
  • Products and services that will enable them to spearhead into sectors where they have faced resistance
  • A strong and proven pipeline that has held up well in trying times. (Proof of future revenue)
  • You are a competitor, giving them greater market share
  • You cover a region or geography that they want to expand into.  

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