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October 27, 2008

We may be expensive - but we're slow

You get annoyed when the service at your restaurant is slow don't you.

You wouldn't tip a cabbie who frightened the daylights out of you through dangerous driving.

You get annoyed with crabby airline stewardesses, or ignorant bus drivers, if the DVD doesn't work, if the lines are too long or if we can't work out how to get to talk to a human.

We don't like being treated like that. Why should we? We deserve better than that right?

So why should our clients suffer through it?

Should it take days or weeks to get back to them on an issue they have with our software?

Should they have to wait weeks because we;re the only ones who can perform the work they want?

Or should they have to argue with you for every single thing they want because you wrote the contract to be very "tricky".

Of course not, so why does it happen? Isn't this a service industry too?