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October 27, 2008

Start with the end in mind

The most commonly quoted reason for fail;ure of consulting projects? Lack of management support. 

Sorry, but it's your fault.

You want the rolling project right? The one that is on everyones tongue and is clearly the way of the future for your clients company. So what are you doing to work towards that goal?

You have to make a splash. Start small where the problems are and solve them. 

Quantify the results. Cash talks volumes!! Better yet - get the clients representatives to quantify the results. That way they own it, and there is little in the way of real resistance to the idea.

Present the results, as high as possible. better yet, get them to present the results. Get the lowest position you can find / coach and get them to present to the highest position you can get access to. 

Very powerful symbols of how this is changing the company. From the grassroots levels.

Then make sure your people call their people. As high as possible to as high as possible.

Starting out is all about knowing where you want to end up, and making as big an impact on the people who can help to get you there. 

Does your project need a slight redirection so it can go further faster?