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October 24, 2008

One drop at a time...

Tommy Emmanuel is a modern day phenomena in the field of guitar playing. He is not a recognized name brand (like say Joe Satriani used to be), he has never had a huge hit of any sort, he doesn't sing (at least not well) and he plays an acoustic guitar.

Yet throughout his career he has maintained and grown a huge underground fan base, spreading all over the globe now.

Why such devotion? First check this video out on YouTube then you tell me.

Tommy is a true virtuoso who dominates his instrument like very few ever have done. His version of Guitar Boogey, Classical Gas and even "Over the Rainbow" have been seen over 2,000,000 times each. Making them one of the real YouTube musical hits.

Within about 20 seconds it is obvious that this is no ordinary guitarist. In fact, Tommy is quite extra-ordinary in terms of his energy, ability and the phenomenal sounds he is able to generate from a wooden acoustic guitar.

He is so extra-ordinary that I have told many people about him. I am blogging about him here for the exact same reason, and I am sure many others have done the same.

This is how a guy with no big charts hits to his name is able to generate a global fan base, and to carve a living out of something that he obviously enjoys so much. One fan at a time.

The Emmanuel approach to marketing his talents has been to win fans over one at a time.

And then have that person get so excited by what they have seen that they will talk about it to 5 of their friends, and then the five friends will talk about it to 5 of their friends and so on.

One drop at a time, one concert at a time, one video at a time, and one song at a time.

What makes you extraordinary?

Why would people talk about you? Do you provide them with an extraordinary level of understanding of their specific area? Do you provide an extraordinary knowledge of best practices? Are your presenting skills beyond what most can do? Or is it simply that every conversation with you delivers value that they can realize in their company?

Do you even know what it is?