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October 21, 2008

Making Change 101

Start where the biggest gains are. Use the value quadrant approach to highlight where the biggest benefits can be found, and use these to generate momentum for your initiatives. Remember, if you want to get management support - then you need to tap into the things that the management will be impressed with.

The boss isn't the only leader. Leaders insipre, managers execute. Everyone (anyone) can be the leader. Don't wait for approval, jump in and start to drive change according to your clearly stated vision.

Announce your successes. Record, quantify and announce every success. Continually. Tell the story of struggle to overcvome great odds. A story of working against the masses, and a story of eventual victory. Inspire others with the feats of the heroic few.

Recruit through story telling. Your vision is the most powerful thing you have to drive change. Paint the vision clearly and often. Back it up with early success stories. Makie it a tale that will evolve as the initiative and project evolves.

Wash, rincse, and repeat...