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October 4, 2008

Its not enough to do a good job

It is not enough to do a good job. People must know you are doing a good job.

The bailout is essential, not good, not helpful but essential. Yet congress won't pass this. The result? Financial chaos for numerous companies around the world and the continued degradation of the US economical momentum. Why? Because regardless of whether their debating and the plan is "good work" or not - nobody sees them doing anything, just arguing.

Amazon is doing a fantastic job at customer service. Beyond anybodies wildest expectations. But I never knew about it until I needed it. In fact, I actually avoided their customer services department due to poor experiences elsewhere. Now, I am an evangelist for their approach. But before, I was clueless.

The Australian defense forces do a great job working to protect the Aussie borders. Who knew?

You get the point right? people always say (whine) that the biggest problem they have is getting management support.

I agree. Most of the time they confuse permission to spend money with actual support.

If you want to get support, real management support, then you have to speak to them, and you have to speak their language.

So what do they want? Well - money is good. Cashable benefits are the biggest momentum drivers you can find. Start with increased revenue, then move to cost reductions.

When you have been able to establish quantifiable links to the P&L, then look to the non cashable impacts. Things like increases in knowledge and information, and then look to decreases in risks.

All of these are vital areas - but if you don't tell them - they are never going to know.