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September 29, 2008

Where is consulting going?

if you are working in consulting like me, and you hope to try to get the most out of this industry (again, like me) then you should be thinking about this...

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of  the USA says that consulting is going to be one of the major growth areas between now and 2016. I think we  all pretty much knew that anyway, but it is good to see some empirical trend data to back that up. ("Ten Anecdotes Does not Data Make" Alan Mather, no relation)

And again not surprising that the truly big winners are the Management, business and financial - and the Professional and related categories.

In the Management category they post the following trend information:

Again, not surprising. The big winners here are those focussed on management analytics, the bread and butter of our industry generally. However they also tip that there will be a lot of growth for recruitment and for competent top executives.

Interesting insight, I hope it helps you think a little about where this career might be taking you in the future. personally, I tend to go where there is not much supply. There are bound to be far too many management analysts for comfort, but there will probably be only a select few with the abilities and character to take on the top management roles.

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