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September 29, 2008

Tales of the Extra-Ordinary

Disney ruled the market for animated children's movies...Pixar is now the dominant force on the planet.

Yahoo! dominated Search...Google is now unstoppable.

There were many MP3 players on the market... until the iPod took it over

Napster-ish programs were ruining the profitability of the music industry... until iTunes found a way to capture that market

Expensive interruption advertising was the only way to promote your company... now Adwords have made this open to anybody.

SAP has ruled enterprise software since the late 1970' is revolutionizing the way that businesses run their applications.

MRP was the key manufacturing methodology for the 1980's...then there was Just-in-Time inventory management (and similar) is changing the way that books are published, changed the way that we purchased books, Alan Weiss is changing the way that we think about consulting and Seth Godin transformed the way that we think about marketing.

All of these companies and individuals did not try to be like everyone else, or ordinary, they set out deliberately to be extra-ordinary. Not unique, very little is unique...but definitely extra-ordinary!

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