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September 5, 2008

Reciprocal Links

Our traffic here is growing at a healthy clip. We get around about 100 new subscribers to our email newsletter every week, and about 30 subscribers to the blog feed. All in all our traffic is at about 5000 a week.

Not bad, but not great. So I am trying to focus on boosting this through SEO (Search engine optimization) efforts. Meta tags, keywords, all the things that are going to point consultants towards this site as a source for networking, consultant training and techniques, and posts about interesting people and sites for consultants.

Part of this search engine ranking, I am told reliably, is when other sites link to yours. But not just any site, sites that are similar, and that have reasonable traffic.

So here goes nothing... If you write a short review of Consulting Pulse and link to us in that post, I will do the same here. Ensuring that your site, blog or homepage is also linked to from here.

If this is interesting to you please send me an email when you have written the review. It doesn't have to be a shining review of course, I am big on honesty here.

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