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September 4, 2008

Need to generate more leads? - Check

Allan Margate recently sent me an email to tell me about his new site With this concept Allan has succeeded where others have failed.

Allan has found a way to turn an online community into something that is a potentially profitable pastime for all people who visit his site. It is a brilliant concept which, like everything else brilliant, is very simple at its core. Within about two seconds you will work out what the site is about...

The concept behind LeadVine was started around 2002, after Allan was tired of unsuccessful cold calling for the Accounting temp agency he started. Allan's business partner, Bobby, got business through contacts who had information about a company who needed accounting help.

Allan and Bobby got the job and paid their contact a 20% finders fee. Bobby eventually got more business when he met a contact at a barbecue. Again Allan and Bobby got the client and paid their contact 10% finders fee.

They were able to contact the right people who had the right information at the right time. All together Bobby and Allan gave out more than $25,000 in finders fees, which was easy money for their contacts. Allan thought there could be a business model behind this but couldn't think of the specifics to facilitate transactions.

Four years later, after the popularity of Web 2.0, Allan put the business model together and contacted Ben, with the hopes of helping companies easily find qualified sales leads and helping people with information make easy money.

What a great concept. Turning the community into your lead generating partners. Sort of like a crime stoppers for the good guys! I'm going to be posting here a lot on this site over the next few weeks. Good luck with it!

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