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September 12, 2008

How to get in the news

Okay... so I am probably the last blogger in the world to write a post about HARO the site that is creating a lot of buzz around the place it seems.

For a consultant - in any field whatsoever, this makes eminent good sense!

What is HARO? Help A Reporter Out. An ex-Facebook community that has migrated out into the real world.

The goal is to connect reporters looking for expertise, with the people who have it. It is free, and it is run by a Mr Peter Shankman. (Who is a pretty inspirational and dedicated type of guy)

I haven't had a go at anything yet, but I will keep an eagle eye on it in case an opportunity arises.

He has some rules of course, you can check them out on the website, but basically they are along the lines of:

- Don't post them publicly, or your out
- Don't apply to everything or apply for things you are not suited to or your out

And thats about it. Great idea.

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