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August 23, 2008

We are all consultants now

I have riffed on this before on this blog, but it continues to amaze me just how much all of us are consultants now. When I started out in consulting the skill set was unique, the characteristics of the discipline were not common, and everyone else worked in vastly different areas. (Normally operational)

Today things are vastly different. Organizational loyalty is breaking down (a la Free Agent Nation), careers are becoming more mobile, work is becoming international and expectations are changing.

The skills that used to be ours exclusively are now becoming the skills of an increasingly project based workforce to one degree or another. This means a workforce that is more mobile, more pragmatic and solutions focussed, and far more project based.

Think about it;
  • Sales
  • Relationships
  • Multi tasking, multi client relations
  • Establishing requirements, determining need
  • Delivering solutions
  • Implementing
  • generating momentum
  • Follow up
  • Problem solving
  • Presentation Skills 
And so on and so forth... in my mind there is no doubt that we are all consultants now and there is even less doubt that as time goes on the skills that I (for example) have honed over the past twenty years will become the standard skill set underlying most careers. (Regardless of the technical area of expertise)

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