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August 22, 2008

Blue Ocean Consulting

 I recently subscribed to a whole new set of blogs via Good stuff, it does seem to have "all the top" blogs from each area and I have subscribed to those that intrigued me.

One of them was the Blue Ocean Strategy blog, which is filled with fascinating insights about companies choosing to risk swimming out in clear blue oceans where there is no competition; rather than in the blood red oceans that are fraught with competitive dangers.

It got me to thinking about the sorts of consultants who get my attention... Tom Peters is in a blue ocean. Why? Normally because the first time he says something everyone assumes he's crazy...then they work out he was just ahead of the curve.

But the guy who intrigues me at present is Mr. Daniel Pink.

I first became aware of Daniel Pinks' work when I read his book Free Agent Nation, a review of modern ways of working. This was truly brilliant and captured a moment in time.

I have followed a lot of his work since then.

His latest offering is an animated book called The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The last career guide you will ever need.

Here is a look at the preview of the book on a  video at

As a fan of Dan Pink I got this book when it was released and I am glad I did. It is great! Written in an animation style called Manga (who knew there were styles) this book is phenomenally easy to read and I worked my way through it in just over an hour. (And I have read it s few times since then)

This is the essence of Blue ocean Strategies. Who else is doing this?

Who else could have delivered an animated comic, with a trailer like this, and a great message besides.

Check out the online reviews.

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