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August 18, 2008

Meatball Sundae

Seth Godin is great isn't he? Have you ever read or listened to anything the man has written? His views are always new, his insights are unique and he exudes a sense of fun at all times.

I have been trying to emulate the marketing techniques Seth talks for years now, and it has helped me a lot. Due to my current Audio Book mania that I have I downloaded and listened to his book "Meatball Sundae" recently. And it was yet another example of this guys unique insights.

The basis of the book is "New" marketing, as opposed to traditional or (presumably) "old" marketing. It was very refreshing to read and will probably inspire me to make yet another change to the template of my blog. I like this one but, as Seth says, the goal is to encourage and facilitate a discussion and I'm not sure that this template is doing that.

People have been writing a lot about Web 2.0 and the social media revolution, but no one has really nailed it in terms of how marketers can use this phenomena to sell products and really maximize their use of the web.

Not anymore...

Seth's book really gets to the heart of the matter. tearing down the walls of traditional advertising thinking and storming the gates with his analysis of
"new" marketing and how it works. Encourage conversation, the view of the long tail, generating communities not interruptions, marketing through relationships - as a commentator or participant NOT as an interloper.

I am not doing this justice, check it out for yourself - I am convinced you will be as rapt as I am by it.