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July 12, 2008

High hopes on low days

I am not an American, but I am a great fan. (Big one) The fundamental reason why I consider America to still be "the last great hope for humanity" is the continual and entrenched state of optimism in that nation.

Even today with all of the bad news that is out there in the marketplace. Banks and CEO's dropping like flies and the federal reserve seemingly powerless to inspire any confidence in the dollar, there is an entire army of people who are positive regarding the outlook and think things have never been better.

  • Check the Real Estate Guys podcast - the host Robert Helms is probably the most upbeat guy I have ever heard. And what's more, its not just words - he is doing it! Day in and day out he puts his money where his mouth is. 
  • Alan Weiss had a great post on his blog talking about all of the upbeat techniques that make consulting as hot as it ever was. (Big fan there also, even though he's a cranky old character - he has the right to be)
  • Robert Kiyosaki - any day
  • Donald Trump - any day
Like any other situation in your life. You can choose to be a victim, start thinking about how hard things are for you and wishing yourself into the dustbin of consulting history, or you can look for the ways that this economic cycle can benefit you. You just need to look around a little to see that the world is still filled with opportunities. There are more countries open to you now, more markets, more demand and more innovative ways to lever profits from ideas.

I love this game...

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