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June 15, 2008

Thank you to our sponsors

If you haven't been here for a while, then you will be able to see that we are growing quite a bit. Our traffic is edging ever upward, our audience is growing in geography as well as numbers and our sister site of and the Consulting Pulse LinkedIn group are booming.

It seems like we have struck on something that other consultants can relate to.

With our growth we have also had the good fortune to attract a number of highly regarded sponsors. SO I would like to take a moment to thank them for their support and to recommend their services to you.

Like any other publication we look for sponsors that are suited to what we do, and to what our audience is interested in. And we think we have just such a group right now.

Direct Legal, for help in protecting your copyright, trademarks and for developing a carefully constructed IP strategy.

identity theft service for protecting your credit and financial history

Legalmatch - a matching service to help you find the exact lawyer that you require for all legal issues relating to setting up a consultancy and managing your liabilities.
- For professional development of high level talent online.

Investor’s Business Daily - so you can stay tuned into the twists and curves of the edconomy, enabling you to act proactively to protect your income streams

Skype for Business - Isn't it amazing how many consultancies are still not using Skype? Amazes me anyway...

Nuance - Nuance Communications, Inc. is the market-leading supplier of speech and imaging solutions that are used to automate a wide range of manual processes

So thanks again to all of our sponsors, and please consider these companies when you are looking for professional services in these areas.

If you are a career minded consultant, please consider joining our networking community on LinkedIn.