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June 16, 2008

Consulting / Business Podcasts

For those of you who are a part of the iTunes universe you will by now be well aware of the wealth of free podcasts that are available through their iStore.

I recently posted a comment on Alan Weiss' blog asking why his podcasts weren't integrated with iTunes. Selfish comment really. I asked because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any, and so I didn't have to go to his site and download them every time there was a new one.

I know, sounds like no big deal, but time is a killer for me now. Between the blog, the books, the family and the day job I find myself doing whatever I can to leverage time.

Anyway - whining aside.. here is a list of great podcasts that I listen to regularly. I find they are superb for business use, as well as for personal financial advise.

As far as I know these things don't have websites or hyperlinks. So if you enter it into the iTunes podcast search exactly as it is written here you should find them.

The Advanced Selling Podcast - Dean Caskey. Great sales show, always innovative and intriguing themes. Sometimes a bit basic, but even when it is low level stuff Mr Caskey always finds a great way to talk about it. Sales professionals seem to be born not made don't they.
Manager Tools - I was a bit soft on these at first. But I like them now. I heard one the other day about the sort of postures you should adopt in meetings. I had never even thought of such an arcane topic, but they did a good job of it - and it worked for me. So this is firmly on my list.
"Help! My Business Sucks!" - Good marketing stuff so far. Only heard one of them so far and I am going to check out a few more on the way home this evening.

Slide makeover Podcast - Video cast, seems pretty good. Again I have seen only a couple of these and they seem very practical, useful and easy to adopt. If you use power point slides (and we all do... yes even you!) then this is a good one for a time filler.

Just Vocabulary - Yup... I'm that boring. I really like this, I am always impressed when someone uses the language well, not as a professor might do - but with a command of the language that conjures up stark visual images. I listen to at least one of these every couple of days.

The Real Estate Guys - This is absolutely great. A fantastic way for anybody to get a strong understanding of how investing in general works, and what types of strategies are out there to manage cash. (There is also a Rich Dad podcast which is irregularly updated and nowhere near as good as the Rich Dad books and other products.)

There are loads more. As I come across them I will post about them. But this is a good starter selection I have found.

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