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June 19, 2008

The International Growth of IP

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic site related to protection of IP, strategies, and the value of IP for business sectors such as ours.

Ideanomics is a site published by Greg Daines, a lifetime devotee of innovation and IP management, and the founder and CEO of Knowligent Inc., which provides the software infrastructure for strategically managing innovation, intellectual property, and technology commercialization.

The Ideanomics Dashboard is a way to visualize the interaction between traditional economic indicators and ideanomic indicators. I find it to be absolutely fascinating, play around with it a bit and you can see some of the following trends.

Impressive on this dashboard is the relationship in Japan between the number of patent filings, the productivity of those filings, and the corresponding growth in productivity and GDP over the period that is tracked.

Another fascinating fact to emerge is just how productive Korea has been from comparatively fewer patent filings, again showing correlations in productivity and GDP growth.

Statistics such as these are very revealing, and show just how much value that knowledge workers, such as ourselves, have to contribute to national economies all over the globe.

If you are still not convinced that IP management is a core strategic aim of your business than take some time to review Greg's blog. (Here)

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