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June 25, 2008

Getting to repeat income

It took me a long time to get to the point where I was earning repeat monthly income from my clients, and unfortunately I am not in a situation to do it today. But it is a fantastic way to generate additional income.

If you are a real expert in your area (and you are right?) then you have professional knowledge and services that clients want access to. More to the point, today gaining access to the right skills at the right time is becoming increasingly difficult for all companies regardless of the industry segment they work in. (Including consultancies)

So the monthly charge is a charge for access to your time. Think of it as a lawyer’s retainer. Except that the lawyer will start charging through your money every time you call him, but the consulting retainer is a fee for the ability to access you regardless of how many times they call or if they do not.

It’s a fee to reserve time on your crowded calendar. Sounds intimidating at first, but do not underestimate the desire of your clients to have access to a wise and trusted advisor.

There are a range of different approaches to doing this, these are a few examples.

- Remote coaching and advisory services

- Specialist assistance with document reviews, strategy and plan reviews and other areas of your particular area of subject expertise

- Regular reviews of reports, statistics, performance results and other areas

- On demand documentation and report writing based on provided information

The name of our game is profitability, and that doesn't have to come from your face being seen on site only. As the job market turns more and more to our favor, we have substantial value to offer. Value that clients will glady pay to have available to them.

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