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June 25, 2008

Are your clients giving you all the work they could do?

For those of you just starting out in the game as an independent consultant then you are probably starting to realize that keeping the pipeline full is one of the largest challenges of any practicing consultant.

You are probably starting to become aware that most new work comes from old work or existing work.

Is your client giving you all of the work that they reasonably could be? This was in a post I read to day on The Tom Peters Blog and it really resonated with me.

Instead of being so caught up in the crisis of the moment, and in delivering the work that you are currently contracted to deliver, you need to put some focus onto what’s happening next.

Maybe you don’t have a marketing plan as yet, and maybe you don’t have a budget to go out and start looking for additional works; but you do have two assets. Regular contact with the people who thought you were good enough to hire this time and (hopefully) continued relationships with the people who hired you last time.

What else needs to be done?

Are you qualified to do it or could you get a subcontractor to do it?

Have you broached the subject with your client contact? Or are you waiting for them to bring the opportunity to you?

Are you doing your best to highlight, and gain recognition of, the value you have created? (Subtly, covertly sometimes, or direct if it is required)

You have the chance to start digging for more work right now. And if you feel that the client is not likely to take your offer, then you need to start looking at what you are doing wrong, and how you could adjust that to make sure you get profitable in the future.

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