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June 1, 2008

100 tips for Success in Consulting #10

Work it out!

If you are going to succeed as a consultant, then one of the things you really have to enjoy is research.

Literally every consulting job I have held has involved long hours at the beginning getting to understand the services, products and messages of the company.

Not learn it, understanding it. That means going through all the press releases, product notes, unchartered functionalities, back door tricks and techniques, and the limitations of every element in the package or area.

When on assignment you need to employ these skills regularly. If you do not know, find out. If you need to rapidly learn about Weibull distributions and their applications in extending the life of physical assets - or some other arcane area of study.

Then you have been given a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge in an area that will add to your overall skill portfolio.

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