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May 30, 2008

The Jedi Council hologram meetings come a step closer

I regularly read Guy Kawasaki's blog "How to Change the World". Great reading always. Even the mundane posts.

He had a piece on their regarding the recent Cisco premier of it's "On-stage TelePrescence Experience" in Bangalore in India.

What a phenomenal technology!! Another world altering transformation that can cut business travel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and transform the speed of business decision making. Amazing stuff.

The Jedi Council holographic meetings just came a very large step closer. (Check out the video)

Cisco CEO John Chambers, who was live on the Bangalore stage, ‘beamed up’ Martin De Beer, the Senior Vice President of emerging Technologies, and Chuck Stucki the General Manager of TelePresence, live from San Jose, California. Chambers was then able to have a ‘face to face’ discussion with De Beer and Stucki on the future of Cisco TelePresence, demonstrating first hand the potential capabilities of the system in front of the watching audience.

Truly amazing... why do we still not have light sabers!!!

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