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January 22, 2010

Yes! It is spam!

Nobody likes being called a spammer. We have been trained to recognize that spammers are evil, nasty creatures that are wrecking the internet and scamming innocent people out of their cash.

So it is often a shock when you call somebody out for spam. And as someone who does this from time to time in my LinkedIn groups let me tell you that they get pretty angry.

If it is uninvited, self promotional and valueless - then its spam.

"I accept all invites" - Spam

"Check out this report from my company at" - Spam

"I am deliver services in XYZ, find me at..." - Obviously spam

There are those who believe that shameless self promotion is essential in todays noisy marketplace. I just think it is a rude display of arrogance. It is all about you and nothing about me, and is far less effective than ales leveraged through relationship building.

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