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January 10, 2010

Write it before Seth does !!

No hugely successful enterprise has come into being without the application of overwhelming force to get it moving.

There are no easy ways, no short cuts, and nobody starts out sitting on their hind quarters while the money comes rolling in.

Could you achieve it? Sure, the plans are all out there on the net. But you will not achieve anything without doing a significant something.

When Edison came up with the light bulb there were others working on it at the time. When Alexander graham Bell came up with the telephone he was in a race with others also and the same could be said for most  dramatic innovations.

They don't occur in a vacuum, they occur by somebody who is braver, faster and more diligent takes the lead.

This used to be pretty hard - today it is incredibly hard!

People like Seth Godin spout incredibly precise and thought provoking insights like a scatter gun. Somebody is today working on a way to turn Google Apps Engine into a replacement for SAP, and someone, somewhere, has already started writing the book you have been planning for the past 9 months.

Get a move on, work hard, set goals and tick them off. Today is your day to start changing the world, before Seth steals the idea and does it bigger, better and slicker than you.

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