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January 13, 2010

The worst time to develop a new service line... when it is popular.

By the time you hear about a hot stock it is already too late, the real money has been made and you are just the sucker to take the fall at the end.

By the time you get into training the market will already be saturated. That means you will be fighting against established brands, established track records and the holder of many relationships. (And he who holds the most trust based relationships wins right...)

The problem with a saturated market is that number one almost always earns two to three times what number two earns. And sadly, you are number 53!

The beauty of business is that there is always another playing field. You just don't know how to get there...yet. Instead of going where they are, try to go where they are headed to.

Instead of Salesforce training why not start working on  Google App Engine consultancy?

Instead of the one hundredth company to deliver sales training, why not start to deliver an outsourced sales force?

Instead of providing SAP business flows, why not start to deliver services to help companies escape from gigantic on premise behemoths?

You know your market better than I do, and you know what your clients need probably better than they do. So why would you dive into a market that is going to tear you to pieces?

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