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January 20, 2010

The best marketing ploy for real estate agents

I have just spent some time updating my reviews of several real estate agents in Perth after spending three days looking for a rental property. (We plan to buy once we are sure we won't be living in a gangsters paradise)

Near the end of today I was nearly beaten by them. I had gotten used to the fact that every one of them, without exception, used rentals as a bolt on to their core business - selling houses.

Nobody was ever available to take your call, nobody could ever show you the house. In fact, most houses were rented via Open House. A humiliating experience designed to make sure that the competition drives people to be in a selection of renters.

Then I came across Benchmark Property Managers. For these guys rentals are not a bolt on, it is their core business. They treated us respectfully, they helped us to sincerely find exactly what we were looking for, and they processed the application rapidly when I needed it to be done.

I am still waiting for the return phone calls from the others...

I like to trade in real estate, and you can bet that I will use these guys to manage my properties. Not only that, but I will be recommending them to everyone who I think will benefit, and I made sure to give them a rousing review on the Google Maps reviews section.

The marketing gimmick they used? Great service, personalized to what we required, and delivered with courtesy. Easy stuff....and well done.

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