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January 2, 2010

8 things I learned about Social media in 2009

1) Spammers never quit

2) LinkedIn is definitely NOT Facebook!

3) LinkedIn is the best Trust Based Asset created for B2B marketing. Ever! (A 24/7 trade show that everyone came to!)

4) There is a dramatic difference between friends, fans and followers.

5) Second is first loser. Unless they could muster a significant difference, every second arrival slipped quietly into the distance. (With the exception of Facebook - which is significantly different to MySpace)

6) Twitter without a personal brand is like shouting into a crowded and noisy room. 

7) Authenticity trumps content, and content trumps yelling for atention

8) The humble blog is the steadfast stalwart of Social media. Increasing it's value to me and my own brand every time I write. 

9) (of 8) Always give something extra... 

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