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December 28, 2009

The subtle Art of Decision Making

One of the great revenue earners I have had over the years is helping others to make decisions. My experience is that this is nto something you can just jump into.

You need to be pretty substantial in terms of business experience to be able to deliver truly value adding work here. What's more, you need it to be credible enough to work in this area.

But if you have the track record, temperament and drive to make this work, then I would suggest that it is a game changer when marketed correctly. In fact, decision making processes could / should form part of all your service delivery streams.

If you want to deliver services in this area, then first find out what it is all about. Some good themes to start with are Analytical Hierarchical Process, Monte Carlo analysis, Bad Actor Analysis and of course, my own twist on it called The Value Quadrant.

I will post more on this over the next few days / weeks. With all the complex and increasing number of choices we all have, it is a service whose time has come.

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