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December 25, 2009

How do you know the consulting engagement was successful?

When you have finished the work, how do you know if it is a success or not? Sure you could set up all types of task specific metrics, take surveys and even go on a feedback gathering mission. 

I went through many iterations of this over the years before finally landing on my present measures of success. I use them with my consulting team every day, and we have worked them into their performance reviews, development plans and renumeration also.

1) Problem solved

2) Happy client (because number 1 and 2 sometimes don't go together)

3) Reference-able work. Will they pick up a telephone and sing your praises, o even speak about it at a conference?

4) Repeat work. The big one.

The more you work through these the more you realize they cover everything from marketing, through to engagement and sales, through to the end of engagement report. Good luck embedding customer focused performance measures in your business.

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