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June 17, 2009

Top 5 tips to Be the news - not the ads

1) Sponsor posts on blogs. You have a far greater chance of getting 50 small voices speaking to people who are likely to be interested. You have a very slim chance of getting on Oprah. (For example)

2) Habitually write and post news releases. Two o three every week to get your messages out in front of others in your market space. If they get picked up by the media then all is well. But write them with the thought that you are going direct to the public. (News releases are searchable) Possibly the most powerful way for you to become the news.

3) Pitch for articles or a column in trade magazines related to your area. This is far less powerful than it used to be, but still effective. A column or article in a journal that matters, even if it is an online journal, gives something you can't buy. Legitimacy.

4) If you must advertise, then do it on the condition that you are interviewed for an article also. Don't underestimate this opportunity. In times of dying advertising revenues deals can be struck.

5) Write your own blog. Through this blog I have been quoted all over the place, and I look like starting a freelance writing gig soon also. Through my business blog I have had three connections that are going to lead to work.

It is always far better for you to be the news rather than the ads. People read magazines and websites for the news. So be a part of the main game instead of the distraction on the side.

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