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May 11, 2009

Toughen Up!!

It is not easy selling into a recession. Period.

There are opportunities out there, but you often have to work harder for them, and sometimes give greater concessions for them.

You need to target and validate opportunities with more care, and you need to follow up continually.

Sales is hard work at all times, but particularly difficult now. There are ways to make it easier. LinkedIn has helped me, as has my own personal brand. But it is still hard....

Some people are always going to get offended when you call them, others won't.

Some people will try to milk you for what you know without paying a cent, others won't.

Some people won't recognize the brilliance of what you re offering, others will.

And right now there are people out there who are actively working for you to fail. Always...

So what... toughen up. You either get wet or get out of the pool.

Consulting is all about relationship management. The good, bad and downright ugly aspects of it. Some get threatened where others see opportunities to shine. If you are going to play in this sandbox, then you need to have hide like an elephant, and the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go ofter the next opportunity you see.

I tend to write a post on this every few months. More often than not it is a note to myself to tell myself to stop whining, take the blows and just get on with it.

Hope it helps you a little bit also.