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May 13, 2009

Secret powers

My career has been built around the fact that I am actually pretty good at reliability engineering. In fact, I am pretty confident that I am one of the better practitioners in the field globally. (Amazing what really good mentors will do for you)

But more and more I find that nobody knows that. They get me to present, because I do that pretty well, I run the sales efforts, I manage the marketing and I have developed quite a reputation as a networker. So much so that it occupies almost all my time, most of my discussions, and it is the thing that people tend to recall about me these days.

I rarely get to use my secret super powers anymore.

The other day I had to run through a specific methodology and discuss some of the finer points of the technical side with a couple of my consultants. They were somewhere between impressed and astonished. I think my command of it helped, but more than anything else they had no idea I did that sort of thing.

Amazing isn't it... what used to define me absolutely is now just something else I have in my backpack of tools. It hides in there along with VB programming, guitar playing, motocross racing and martial arts.

As life moves forward we move with it almost without realizing how we have transformed along the way. Yet by looking back you can pick up some of the hidden powers you used to rely on so much to help in todays work.

After the other day I thought I would take it further - so I am going to be keynoting at a conference in reliability engineering later this year.