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May 18, 2009

The Noble Art of Consulting

It really warms my heat when I come across institutions like NESC. I have always loved the real generosity and philanthropic culture of the USA, and this organization stands out as another of the great ways that American businesses have organized to help those less fortunate than most of us.

NESC stands out to me among non-profit organizations  because the tap the well of experience available from  senior execs and corporate leaders as volunteer consultants for their client base. This means they are able to provide the best available experience to other non-profits throughout the world. Institutions such as the American Red Cross, Water-Aid America (Got my vote already), Queens Theater in the Park and other diverse and worthy causes.

Their entire business model springs from volunteer consultants, for what they say is a fraction of the cost of a commercial consulting engagement.(For top flight consultants, which sounds like a good deal to me)

They seem to work all through the area of non-profit strategic planning including branding, Executive search and recruitment, fund raising management and a range of other vital areas.

If you are in downtime mode right now for whatever reason, then I would suggest that an engagement via this organization will assist you to grow your professional network in other areas, gain some experience in areas where you may not work all the time and of course - get to support quite noble causes in the non profit sector.

My experience with non-profits is that many of them sorely need assistance like this. Assistance from industry hardened professionals who can thrust a bit of reality and high flight discipline into them. I hope some of you would consider this as a career option, even if a temporary one.