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May 28, 2009

News flash - there are more poor people than rich people!!

There are very few really wealthy people who got to be so from making stuff for the super rich.

The last boom was all about dispensable income and the rush to luxury - but in case you missed it, that is well and truly over.

Real wealth, and most wealthy people, comes from satisfying the masses. Think of Tesco, Wal-Mart, iPod, Nokia, Google or the vast majority of other brands out there. They are for us, the litle people - not for them - Donald trumps gang.

Sure a few have done well. Armani, Ferrari, Rolex, even Bentley for the upper middle class crowd. But it is a crowded field chasing a small and fickle market. ("The next Armani" is a phrase you never hear)

Here is another newsflash for you... There are far more small and medium businesses than there are large businesses.

In fact - the large business market is incredibly crowded, with each company working beyond their limites to try to carve out some form of competitive advantage.

Yet in many areas the small and medium guys are left unattended to... in areas where they would pay a small fee to be helped.

If you ran a gym why wouldn't you offer cut price rates to mid sized companies instead of chasing the corporate membership of the four or five really big firms on your city? The individuals can then be targeted with additional classes, merchandise and so forth.

If you ran a service s company why wouldn't you try to increase revenues by tying services up in a subscription model somehow? High volumes, lower yields per client, but more work for everyone and more revenues overall.

If you can target the rest of us, and opt out of the giants of industry and the super wealthy, then you have far more chance of really leaving your mark on this planet.

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