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May 21, 2009

Consulting - Duck Style !!

Ducks are great swimmers. On the surface they glide along effortlessly without breaking the surface, or breaking a sweat it seems.

But underneath they are going hell-for-leather trying to keep the whole thing going. Frantically paddling away in order to power themselves through the water.

If you could see that you would be less impressed. They would no longer be "gliding" and would look more like they were battling to stay afloat. The illusion would be shattered and they would probably lose your confidence.

In your clients eyes, are you gliding or battling to stay afloat? Regardless of what the reality is, what is the perception that you give to those whose confidence you need to hold?

There are some conversations that do not need to escape your head. When a client asks you to deliver 10 experts for a project you need to be thinking about where you will source them, but the clients only needs to know that you will deliver.

Keep all of the hard and frenetic work under the surface and glide from project to project.