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May 19, 2009

Broad or Deep

I really love the area I work in. So much that I can get lost in the minutiae of it for hours at a time. Dramatically explaining to one and all the difference between conditional probability of failure and probability of failure and why this is causing such a schism in the engineering world....

But nobody except me and about 50 other people in the world actually care about that...

We tunnel down into our methodologies and our products so far that we cannot see the light that led us here in the first place. Creating, finding and spreading leading practices.

Seen many Mortgage Brokers go out of work? Yes? What about Financial Advisors? Not so many right...

Narrow and deep is great when it is in demand - but if the mood changes then you are going to go hungry.

You need to be able to cover as many areas as you are able to competently and confidently. Your real talent is not your specialty, but your ability for critical thought.

When choosing over the ability to consult in a broader range of areas, versus the ability to consult at an even deeper level on existing areas of specialty - then choose breadth - every time.