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May 19, 2009

4 quick tips to increase your sales hit ratios

Some quick tips to raise your hit ratio.

Call early and often. Get your first calls out of the way before 9am and try to get a few in before 9:30. Do this daily and your hit ration will improve. Why? because some action is better than no action and it gets you in the mood for the day.

Win, lose or draw never lose contact. The professional relationship should exist with or without a commercial agreement in place. So obvious yet so often overlooked as people skulk off to lick their wounds.

Call to say "Hi", call to tell them about a report you are going to send them, call to see whats going on in their industry - just call.

Smile when you talk, especially on the phone. I have absolutely no idea if others can sense it or not, but if you smile then I can guarantee you that you'll feel it, and it raises your entire optimism levels.

Don't do the "I'm just calling to see if you need any information" call. Ever. it is just pathetic. if they haven't called there are two possible reasons, 1) They don't want to take it any further for some reason, or 2) They simply haven't had time to review it.

Instead call to tell them it has been a week, you're keen to know what is going on with the proposal, do they have any updates on progress?