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May 28, 2009

13 powerful reasons why LinkedIn is THE site for B2B marketing, job hunting and searching for resources

1. LinkedIn is like a 24/7 trade show  that every one came to. (41 million users)

2. Conventional networking hubs like trade shows are in decline  due to excess supply and low level attendees

3. You can search for references on potential employees, and customers.

4. No other social media platform will enable you to contact VP's Directors and presidents of large B2B style clients.

5. You can get introduced by mutual connections.

6. It is a trust based asset . You can get referred , publicly and permanently, by industry professionals who others will take as  a trusted source of information.

7. CV's that are held in public are unlikely to employ artistic license.

8. You can get advice from groups of like minded professionals.

9. You can announce your availability, and see jobs related to your field of expertise without having to subscribe to email alerts !! (One of the many reasons why LinkedIn is going to wipe out job boards )

10. You can purchase the right to contact people. (Even though their email stays hidden from everyone!)

11. The value of a recruiter is dependent upon his ability to build and create a network on LinkedIn that is both deep and broad. (Changing their role from gatekeepers and anonymous holders of your CV, to trusted connections.)

12. You can still maintain your privacy and avoid spam easily.

13. You can contact people who are not presently looking for work . meaning they have no chip on their shoulder and are often not coming from a position where they are disgruntled.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have yet to see the full impact of LinkedIn on the world of B2B marketing, job hunting and candidate search. I have also no doubt that the number of industries that this particular program will change is only now starting to reveal itself.

In fact... I am in two minds as to whether or not to start my own targeted recruitment agency based solely on LinkedIn!!

Good luck out there!! I hope that this gives you some food for thought in relation to your modern marketing and job hunting practices.

I also hope that there are those of you in the recruitment game that are wise enough to realize that your model needs to change quickly or you will go the way of stock brokers, travel agents and newspaper journalists...

Please add your own below...

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