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April 23, 2009

Principles of Street Smart Consulting

A few random thoughts on Street Smart consulting and some of the principles that I have used to great success over the years. I am pretty sure that these concepts are useful for small business as well as consulting practices. 

Not an exhaustive list, but one that I think contains the kernels of success. I have reduced them to statements, so some of them will probably inspire questions.

1. Create, find and spread leading practices

Be the news not the ads

3. Extraordinary value (Always, every time)

4. Don’t be a commodity, ever!

5. Build trust based assets (Passive revenue generators)

6. Leverage trust to leverage time

7. Allocate capital wisely (Spend wisely, not cheaply. And spend on things that will increase revenues or profits)

8. Referrals win, every time (And B2B referrals win over trusted source referrals)

9. Innovate always (Embrace and follow technology)

10. Engage as equals

11. Deliver value and get it acknowledged

12. Spend wisely, not cheaply

13. Don’t ask if they can’t say yes.

14. Think in years act in minutes

15. Don't try to be where they are, be what they are looking for

16. Adapt. (Social media is where many clients are now - are you doing it well there?)

17. Develop and market IP continually

18. Under-promise and over-deliver

I had a few more, about 24 in total. I think I need to turn this into a 30 page eBook...