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April 15, 2009

On Twitter: Only follow those that are worth following

I am using Twitoria  to find out who among the people I am following actually don't use Twitter anymore. (or never did)

It is a pretty cool little application. Basically you can tell it what to look for in terms of the period of inactivity, and then it finds these people so you can take a decision if you want to continue to follow them or not.

I am trying to be pretty ruthless and ditching almost everyone who no longer tweets, that way I can start following intriguing people who do.

I can't help wondering what happened to these people? Some never ever tweeted. It was a one shot advertising technique for them to Direct Message their followers with some "buy this" message. So they're out and good riddance to them.

Others tried to work it out but never really got it. Shame, it would have been good to get to know them, but it obviously wasn't for them - so they're gone also.

The last lot is the most intriguing. They are the people who used to Tweet regularly - but for some reason they just...stopped...

Their last tweets (doesn't that sound ominous) were things like:
  • "Will somebody please send Pizza!" (Did he starve to death?)
  • "Ten Ways to increase traffic - Part 1" (Seriously - no part two; ever!)
  • "This has been a real Murphy's Law type of day" (I shudder to think how bad it actually got. No Tweets for over 6 months)
  • "About to get a coffee and chill" (And never came back...)
  • "Sammy the Whale Shark has been in captivity for 68 days now, I can't take anymore" (Again, I shudder to think)
  • "U Guy with breast? Here is some steel for you!" (No clue...really. How did I ever get involved with this character?)
  • "Getting set up with some social bookmarking sites" (And preferred them to Twitter apparently, no tweets for 6 months)
  • "You geek!" (And presumably left the room in a huff)
  • "Last day of the Singapore Grand Prix, last day of beer and street races ... :D" (Another "shudder to think" moment)
  • "Back soon with upgraded content" (Ummmm no they didn't come back)
  • "Anyone looking for a web project/team lead role?" (Some one must have said yes, no updates since October)
The whole process is a bit laborious. I started out with people who hadn't tweeted for a month, and then stretched it to two months because you have to manually un-follow every one of them that comes up. 
But all in all a pretty good way to start cleaning up your following lists.