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April 7, 2009

Blog Comments FAIL!!

For the past couple of weeks the blog has not been accepting any comments. I have absolutely no idea why this is and I was wondering why everyone was so quiet.

I have changed the template back and forth, adjusted some of the stuff in the HTML of blogger, and triple checked my settings. And nothing woirked. I also checked out my COmments Tags - but the Google helpo was not very helpful on that score.

So as a stop gap measure I have installed Intense Debate onto the blog. Intense debate is supposed to help to facilitate conversations. You can post directly, as I understand, or you can reply to a comment that is already on teh blog.

You can also choose to subscrie to ansers to a particular blog post so if there is a raging debate going on you can see what is being said and have your 2c worth.

I seem to be making a few mistakes with the blog lately. Integrating blog broadcast into the newsletter using Aweber was a disaster, and now the comments debacle. (I was even accuse3d of being a prima donna recently because I didn't allow comments... aarrrggghhh!!!)

So please let me know how they go, I hope they will help us to facilitate stronger discussions - but they may even get in the way of people posting comments. Either way let me know and I will do whatever I can do to make it work out better.

I am really not extremely technical as is probably obvious by now...