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April 14, 2009

10 online tools for the eMarketers starter kit

A lot of stuff on the web is all about B2C marketing. In fact, my whole take on Facebook is that it is a B2C arena. (I could be wrong about that, often am, but I have yet to hear of a B2B success story on Facebook.)

For me, eMarketing is probably 30% of my time, and very little cash. I seldom advertise on Adwords unless I have a really good blog post to get out there. And I have never purchased any sort of banner ad, newsletter ad or anything of the sort.

Yet I have three blogs with high levels of traffic to each. One of them has been very successful in promoting a book I wrote in a separate area, and two of these blogs are in the B2B space.

So these are the 10 must have tools for every B2B eMarketer as I see it.

1. Blogger. I do not care what the technology elites say about WordPress, TypePad or Drupal. I have been using Blogger for years and as Google gets its fingers deeper and depper into the workings of this program - it is improving out of site.

The easiest, quickest, horizontally integrated and widely used platform for bloggers on the net. I wouldn't bother trying to work out how to use anything else.

2. LinkedIn. Undoubtedly the leading platform for professional networking. The only place where a lot of my contacts hang out, and the place where recruiters constantly sift through the profiles. I have made over 6 figures  from this platform alone, in less than a year.

3. Twitter Account. A tricky one. I posted some tips here about marketing with Twitter . But it is something that you really need to get into and enjoy if it is going to help you in your marketing and branding. it is possible, I would not write it off as a fad at all, but it takes time and determination.

I have yet to see the full potential of Twitter as a marketing and revenue generation tool. But I have done pretty well with it so far I have to add.

4. I pump up this program so much I should have shares in the company! But what can I say, I really love and appreciate this webinar program. I am running a one very soon on LinkedIn as a marketing and sales tool.

That will be the fourth free webinar I have used to cement my relationship with readers, and to grow the Consulting Pulse brand and tribe. I am sure that you could do a heck of a lot more with it.

5 Feedburner and Google Analytics. Must have items. What gets measured gets managed. Period.

6. BudURL. I really like this link shortener. it allows you to track the number of clicks per link so you can really see whats working, what isn't working, and what you could do to repeat your success.

7. Aweber. Email marketing is something that I have neglected here on this blog. But we now have a decent audience, most of whom (80%) regularly read the newsletters that we send out, and we are growing steadily. I recommend newsletter marketing to everyone - but you have to follow the rules...

8. Slideshare. I only ever ran one presentation on Slideshare and it went really well for me. I need to set up a heap more, they are a lot of fun and I really get a lot out of it personally.

9. Squidoo. I am not too sure if this is going to be a concrete part of my eMarketing arsenal yet. But I do know one thing. It gets a lot of attention if you do it right, and it is a heck of a lot of fun. (Yes, I am a boring person.)

10. Positive mental attitude. You can do this, you really can. Why not you? Why me (a baggy shorts electrician from the remotest part of the world) and not you?

The reasons... there aren't any. Good luck!

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