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March 31, 2009

Publish eMagazines - Free... another bootstrapping tool

Amazing how rapidly value disintergrates on the Internet. Webex used to sell a product of value, now gives it away. (And I love it) Self publishing used to be a pretty big sub-industry in the publishing game. and (Amazon) have pretty much put an end to all of that.

There used to be a raft of companies who charged to provide you with the services or software for publishing professional looking eBooks - today we have

Personally I still have doubts about whether eMagazines are truly ready for prime time, but there are areas and sectors where I have seen them be somewhat successful. (I may even consider doing a monthly version for the newsletter)

I haven't used it yet, and I am seriuously considering it. But I love the concept. Free publishing of eBooks can only add to the quality stuff ou there to read and consume. They also state that they have the ability to tie in text and audio. The eBook I browsed on Bob Marley definitely had audio and it was a pretty good effect.

Delivery of services free or at cut price is one of the very great benefits businesses are able to get out of being more internet savvy. Wonderful time to be in business...