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March 6, 2009

A need and a niche

It constantly amazes me how many people are working very hard trying to fix a problem that nobody has.

In my day job I run a consultancy department in Australia. As part of that job I am always looking out for partnership opportunities.

We deliver services so if I an find somebody who has some good IP, or good software in our area. Something that I can use to sell additional services in some form.

And preferably they have a need for a distribution channel. You know the sort of deal right?

In the past five weeks I have seen four software products. Every single time they were oversold to me as the thing that could cure everything from productivity issues to male pattern balding.

And every time they were dead wrong.

Either they had landed upon an idea that somebody else had already taken care of - or they had worked very diligently creating something that not even Zig Ziglar could find a market for.

Innovation in a vacuum has ended many careers and destroyed value within countless companies. If there is no need and no niche there is no future in it. Period.