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February 10, 2009

Change as a constant...

This blog has been a life changing experience for me. I have learned a lot and I have become a far better informed person, and a far better writer.

During the time I have become increasingly annoyed with the Web 2.0 priesthood and their endless rants about the iPhone and other unproductive garbage. I found very little of value in it unfortunately.

I remain absolutely astounded and honored that a crew of high level consultants  and thinkers would consent to be interviewed here. This sticks out as a high point in my short blogging career.

Unfortunately this hobby is going to have to take a back seat for 9 - 12 months. My current role has a lot of challenges that are going to monopolize my time. The newsletter, Street Smart Consulting, will continue to run. And I hope it continues to help people around the world.

I will also write another short series on Trust Based Marketing that I will set up within the next few weeks.

One last email broadcast will go out during this week, and then the blog will go into care and maintenance for a short period of time.

If you are from an engineering background, or from a reliability and maintenance background you are welcome to follow me over on This is my main marketing and networking blog for what I actually do in my day job.

Seth Godin said in one of his books you have to work out if you are in the game or not, and then take action. (Wise character that one. I think he likes to think he's human like the rest of us... but he's not really is he.)

I AM in the reliability consulting game - and I need to take action. Distractions like this, fun though they are, have to wait a little while.

Thanks sincerely for reading, I have had the time of my life here, and this isn't the end - just a pause !

Sincere regards,

Daryl Mather